Chief Relationship Officer

Amber Peoples

In the fall of 2016, I had just returned to the US after managing a 750 seat venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Between children’s shows, improv musicals, raunchy comedians, and anxious ventriloquists, my team worked on 5-7 shows a day! The delirium was real.

And then the next adventure began.

I walked the paths of my Scottish ancestors.

Starting in the lowlands where my last name comes from to Dundee which explained so many stories about Great Grandma Jennie to the Highlands where my tartan wearing relatives trod…

I listened to the land. And allowed my bones to respond.

Returning to the US, I found myself asking some big (rather existential) questions. And the election results added a sense of urgency:

What don’t I understand?

What’s next for me?

What’s next for anybody?

Well, when I ask big intentional questions like this, I often get answers either in words or in synchronicity. This time it was words:

“Earth is my home.

Arts are my skillset.”

Then synchronicity helped me get to work!

I managed farmers markets...hosted science on tap nights...and even created a 10 day, 135-mile celebration of food, art & place along the Southern Oregon Coast.

Until March 11, 2020 when I left a theater gig...knowing we were not coming back anytime soon. Walking out, my overpowering thought was that the time had arrived for a project I’ve been carrying in my back pocket — a docuseries with a unique distribution method.

After 4 years of study, relationship building, and failing out loud, the Earth Archetypes emerged.

A framework to help people change the question "What can I do about climate?" to "Who are you?"

Because just like any relationship, that matters!

And as a Metaphor Type, I do this through story.

Stage, screen, marketing, and membership blend together a lifetime of lessons from my farm girl roots to my theatrical adventures.

The result is a community where all 5 Earth Archetypes can experience belonging with planet, self, and others.

Now, the goal is to make Earth Archetypes as influential as Love Languages.

What is Your Earth Archetype?

* Molecule: magnifies scientific precision

* Network: connects pieces into systems

* Weaver: interconnects threads into a whole

* Metaphor: expresses imagination through symbols

* Embodiment: creates mystical experiences via the body