Find Your Path from Climate Anxiety to Community Action

It's gonna get raw and real

But also playful and silly

"What can I do about climate?"

Well... Who are YOU?

Because just like any relationship, it matters!

Hi, I'm Amber!

I'm a filmmaker, podcaster, marketer, coach, and creator the 5 Earth Archetypes. All wrapped up into one, my official title is Chief Relationship Officer.

My ancestors come from all over Scotland and Ireland. Plus, a bit from Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands. I am the 3rd generation born on Turtle Island.

All of us have ancestors that have/had an intimate relationship with Earth. Many cultures also included ways to welcome each other with belonging and connection. Rituals and traditions helped us blossom into the gifts we each have to give the world.

Modern industrialized countries have for the most part lost this climate of community. So my quest is to explore how to rebuild such connections and community as we face the planet's climate crisis.

The time is now.

3 Step Reciprocity Cycle

Each time we walk this cycle, our relationships deepen

Acknowledge Earth is

Our Home

This is our first step in an ongoing cycle. Each time we return, our relationship and reciprocity becomes more a part of us.

Discover Your Earth Archetype

Founded on skill sets and personality traits that give us a sense of belonging. These help us discover what unique ways we can connect with the nature that is in us and all around us.

Work Together in Community

Community is an intimate and influential element of our lives. But, it can also feel distant or even polarized. By honoring each other's archetypes, we can find ways to work together in relationship and with the land.

How I Can Help

4 Ways My Metaphor Type Can Support You


With an BA in Education, an MA in Theatre Production, and 15+ years working in events, I can give one heck of a rousing talk, workshop, or conference.

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Through unscripted tv and podcast hosting, I create containers for people to share their lives in relation to planet, self, and others.

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4 years ago, I dove into direct response marketing as a method to support Climate of AWE and clients' work I want to see in the world.

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I host a 3 tiered membership (kinda like patreon) to help you practice the 3 Steps in a community space.

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